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harry potter graphics battle:  hermiionegrangers vs. blasezabini

—topic: hogwarts students

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422nd Quidditch World Cup [x]

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He’s after you, Mr. Potter. You really don’t stand a chance.

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"There lived four wizards of renown, whose name are still well-known: Bold Gryffindor from wild moor, Fair Ravlenclaw from glen, Sweet Hufflepuff from valley broad, Shrewd Slytherin from fen. They share a wish, a hope, a dream, they hatched a daring plan, to educate young sorcerers, thus Hogwarts school began."ra

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I have not been helping Sirius get into the castle and I certainly don’t want Harry dead.

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Will you take a moment, promise me this
That you’ll stand by me forever
But if God forbid fate should step in
And force us into a goodbye
If you have children some day
When they point to the pictures
Please tell them my name

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Emma Watson out in New York on May 23

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The final bow.

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Harry Potter Meme: ♕Six Spells, Magical Creatures, Potions and/or Objects

4/6 Dementors

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ollivander’s challenge

favourite hogwarts professor
— minerva mcgonagall

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